Reasons Why Couples Cheat


When we bring up the issue of unfaithfulness in a relationship as a topic of discourse, we look at it from the human point of view. This act commonly termed cheating is the state of not being true to the commitment made by two persons. Reasons, why couples cheat, can also be termed “Reasons for unfaithfulness” and can also connote adultery for a spouse.

Unfaithfulness or cheating is rather becoming predominant in today’s society even worse among the younger generation. The said odious act is quite becoming the general rule rather than the exception. It is a way of life rather than an omen and very fast at that particularly among the fresh couples (married or not).

These having been said, reasons why couples cheat and the causes of unfaithfulness as we shall discuss are thus:


It should be noted that the extent of moral deprivation among the populace is quite alarming and it’s getting worse every day. People tend to abandon the generally accepted way of life for their own personal aggrandizement regardless of what society thinks. We submit that most people cheat because they lack the good moral standing to stay true to their relationship as civil society requires.

They go on a frolic of their own for sexual satisfaction. Damning the consequence because they don’t care and to top it all, they give it a name- open relationship.


Most of our adults are becoming more or fewer sex addicts. In essence, “body too dey sweet them”. This set of people cheat because sex has become more like a lifestyle for them. To this generation, copulation is, sadly, a way of life and the will if not shall, sleep with the next available mate.

Relationship degenerates into sexual exploits for them and they engage in it to satisfy the urge. These group only see a relationship as a sexual escapade and cheating is a norm to them because when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable.


This is another causal agent of unfaithfulness. Some people engage in it as a way to clap back at an unfaithful partner. This feeling of wanting to pay back in one’s own coin often leads to the commission of this rather preposterous act.

Because Mike cheated on Ada, Ada out of bitterness slept with Matt so that Mike would feel what she felt. The trend of this circumstance is also heading for the roof in the relationship life of man.


Some people are easily given to appetite. These people cheat not because they deliberately want to but because they couldn’t say NO in the face of temptation. The weakness of their mind and character often betrays them at the point of seduction that they may be saying no even as the waist is mechanically moving and pleasure ensuing.

This category after the act usually feel remorseful about the event but that notwithstanding, the deed has been done and they are as guilty as charged as the others.


This is the Oliver Twist syndrome. Having committed to that relationship, it should be borne in mind that it is for better or worse unless voluntarily terminated. Feeling that your man lasts on 25 mins and you want 1hr more often than not leads to seeking solace sexually in the arms or should I say waist of another. Want of worldly possession also breeds cheating as fruits don’t fall far from the tree.

To satisfy the quest for materialism, most adults sleep with others who aren’t their spouse or partner for monetary gains. This is the truth and I lie not. In exchange for wealth, sex can be demanded and because the person isn’t contented, he/she sees it as a price to pay. Thereby committing the act.


The points raised above are not all-encompassing as the theatrics and histrionics of life may lead to unfaithfulness. However, it is the author’s considered opinion that these five are major reasons why couples cheat and these factors contribute to unfaithfulness amongst spouses or partners.

NB: Reviews and criticisms are welcome but they should go to the issues raised



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