What Do Men Look For In A Lady?

What do men look for in a lady?

Amongst many decisions men make in life, the decision to commit to just one woman is the best. To a responsible male human, this decision is not what he rushes into. He sits down and considers some factors, which will enable him to know if he is ready or not. Finding the right woman takes him years.

This woman is the one he will call his wife, the one that will mother his children, this woman will help him to make plans for life and help him settle for the best in all things and at all times. At this point, a woman asks herself, What do men look for in a lady?

Who is this woman that will be all these to the man? What does she look like? What do men want in a woman? These and many more questions pop up daily. Well these may not be exactly what every man wants in a woman, but if you look at them carefully, you will agree with me that you as a man want them, your parents want them in the woman you want to marry as well.


You know one thing about men is they are moved by what they see and touch. By this, men like a woman who is free to give affection and care to them. A man loves a lady who can boldly hold his hand and walk down the streets, a lady who compliments him with kisses, a lady who hugs him randomly and whispers to his ears at all times, ‘I love you, babe”.

This gives a man the sense of being wanted and hence encourages intimacy. Doing all these strengthens intimacy and at the same time chases away loneliness, thereby aiding communication and making your man feel comfortable.

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The way you dress is the way you are addressed.

Today, ladies wear clothes that expose their contours and call it fashion. What fashion? Do you think nobody is watching you? A look at your views on Facebook, Twitter, google+ will definitely tell you your image to the world.

Where you go, whom you go with, what you say and how you say it reflects you as an individual. This you may not know as a lady, but it is the truth. Real men don’t mingle with girls who are everywhere with everybody.

Letting people know about you already doesn’t give them a headache. When you live your life basically on a personal level, people try to figure out who you are and hence try to engage with you. This makes the girl more intriguing, hence every man wants to get in touch with her. Remember, self-respect is not pretence!!!


When we talk about character, we talk about being real and not pretence. Every man likes a woman who shows what she really is. As a woman, you don’t have to swap your real character for what you are not. Be real to yourself and the man will love you more if he really loves you.

When you stay with a man, laugh and talk the way you would in the midst of your girlfriends. Be yourself, feel free. Every man likes a woman who is genuine to him at all times. What’s that your favourite song? Play it… “Beat it” give us the “Thriller” and “don’t stop till you get enough”.

Do you really need to switch from your real self to get accepted? NO! You only need to get mature the more and maturity comes in these different ways.

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Humility is a virtue. Men value women who have regard for others. You get more attractive to a man when you don’t make yourself a priority. A humble woman shows compassion for others, she puts other peoples’ happiness before their own. Your ego can be a problem for your relationship if you don’t mind yourself.

What is the essence of the hard to get game you are playing? Does it help? Just be simple and a man will love you. Before a man approaches you and tells you how pretty you are, he must have thought about it and it took a great amount of courage to do that, so don’t see yourself as if you are too important. Be polite to him and acknowledge that fact, even when you don’t have the same feeling.


No man likes a woman who is dependent. It is true men are supposedly the breadwinners in every family, but every man loves a woman who has ambition. The woman who hungers and thirsts to make a living on her own is the choice of every man. Don’t limit yourself to the kitchen alone. Don’t think there’s nothing you can do to earn a living. At least, motivate your man, encourage him.

Women who are determined tend to be more focused, hence they are committed. To these women, failure does not exist at all. Being ambitious does not imply using what you have to get what you want.


To be intelligent does not require a doctorate degree. In life, men are faced with so many challenges, these challenges require someone knowledgeable to help them make decisions.

Personally, I love this. It gives me pleasure to stay with a woman who can stimulate conversations likewise every man. Knowing a little about everything gives you an edge over others. Women who think critically are attracted to men more than those who cannot hold a conversation for more than two minutes. When you engage a guy in a conversation, you give him a sense of belonging. Life is not all about the latest dress, designer shoe, handbag or the best eatery in town.

When a man talks about any sports, be it football, wrestling, golf or any other topic about life in general and you contribute, it gives him joy and he will always want to chat with you because he can learn from you


To every man, the challenges of life on their own are too much for him, hence, every man cherishes a woman who is confident on his side to get through these challenges. You cannot give what you don’t have is the true fact here, a woman who loves herself no matter her shortcomings will love a man not minding his own faults.

A confident woman understands her worth and as such is a plus to her man. This woman knows what she wants and is not shy of getting it, because she believes in herself.


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